Thomas Voss


Systems- and Low-Level Programming

I am very familiar with systems- and low-level programming with lots of experience using languages like C and Assembly along with the revelant build-tools such as Make.

Fullstack Web Development

I’m no stranger to web development either, and I always try to emphasize simplicity when possible. I have worked extensively with backend frameworks like Flask, and I am capable of building effective- and usable frontends without the need to download megabytes of useless- and bloated JavaScript.


The International School of The Hague

Secondary School

Delft University of Technology

BSc Computer Science and Engineering

Work Experience

Backend Developer

Worked as a backend developer for a crypto-trading platform, primarily using TypeScript and C#. Other tools used include Docker, Kubernetes, and Retool.

Fullstack Developer

Worked as a fullstack developer writing HR software. The languages frequently used consisted of CSS, JavaScript, Jinja, Python (WebApp2 & Flask), and Vue. Additionally, GNU gettext and the Po language was used to handle localization. Other tools used include Google App Engine.

My Cool Stuff

A better syntax for HTML

A transpiler from an alternative (better) syntax to HTML, because HTML is quite bad. This very page is written in it.

Move Mapped/Multiple Files

The best tool ever made for renaming- or moving multiple files. I am not exaggerating.

A FIFO-based status bar for DWM and Sway

A status bar written in C that works with the DWM window manager on X11 and the Sway window manager on Wayland. It allows for easy extensibility by allowing the user to send commands via a named-pipe to customize the contents of the status bar.

Optimizing Brainfuck Interpreter in x86 Assembly

A Brainfuck interpreter written in x86-64 assembly that compiles the given brainfuck source code file into a bytecode. The bytecode is then optimized and finally executed. Also, I did proper error checking.